Smash Burgers



Got a niggling craving for a mouth-watering and satisfying smash burger experience?

We are the Number One food truck to find for the best smash burgers in Auckland. Our range is carefully crafted to offer you a wide range of delicious options made with the best quality components that will leave you craving for more. 

What makes ours so special? Well, it all starts with our high-quality fixings, dedication to flavour, and, and a cheeky cooking technique for flavour retention. We smash the patty onto the griddle, creating a crispy outer crust and locking in the juicy flavours. The result? An irresistible American Style burger that is bursting with taste and texture.

best smash burgers in Auckland

But it’s not just about the meat – our menu has something for everyone. From our succulent chicken burger to our flavourful vegetarian option, we cater to all taste preferences. And no burger is complete without the perfect side of crispy fries and tangy pickles to complement the flavours – not to mention our signature recipe special sauce! Gluten free? No worries- we can provide a gluten free bun! 

Our food truck, only uses the freshest and finest basics to create our smash burgers. Our patties are made from 100% grass feed Angus beef, sourced from Mapari Meats, a family farm business who run 7 farms across New Zealand, this ensures the highest quality beef is then mixed with our blend of herbs to create the wipeout signature smash Pattie. Plus, with our dedication to impeccable customer service, you can expect a great dining experience every time you visit us.

Whether You’re Visiting, New In Town, or an Auckland Local – come on down for a cheeky bite!

If you’re on the hunt for the tastiest smash burgers in Auckland, your search ends here. Our food truck is the go-to truck for burger lovers, food enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a delicious and satisfying burger experience. With our authentic cooking technique, high quality ingredients, and friendly atmosphere, you can trust that you’re in for a treat. 

So come and visit us today and indulge in the ultimate smash burger experience. Our range is packed with tantalizing options, each crafted with care to deliver top-notch flavours and textures. From our perfectly smashed burgers to our delectable cheese and sauce combinations, our burgers are a true delight for your taste buds. Join us at our conveniently located spot and discover why we’re everyone’s for smash burgers in Auckland. Your taste buds will thank you!

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